Letter from the President

Dear Friends and colleagues,Gill Morbey photo

It was a real joy to meet everyone in August at the joint WBU and ICEVI conference in Florida. Combining our DbI meetings with our partners in larger conferences brings huge benefits. Funds for travel and time are precious nowadays so it’s important to use these resources well.

It was fantastic to see a conference stream around deafblind and Multiple Disabled Visually Impaired (MDVI). I attended most of those workshops and was delighted to see new ideas emerging. As usual we all made important connections and re-established friendships. It was also good to reflect back a little on our 40 years and share some of those memories at our reception. As usual our Editor has captured some of the important moments and new thinking from the conference in this Review.

We are looking forward to the European DbI conference scheduled for 5th-8th Sept 2017 in Aalborg. Everybody is working really hard to make the conference a success with the planning of presentations, submissions of abstracts and all the practical organisation of venues well under way.

At the time of writing we are changing the DbI Secretariat. I must thank Debbie and the Senses Australia team for the brilliant contribution they have made. Matthew, Bronte and Elvira have developed and improved so many functions, organised endless meetings, followed up every action and been a huge support to me and all the officers. Thank you. Senses of course will not be a complete loss for us as they will still be a member of the Board.

We continue our important links to ICEVI and WFDB and remain in contact with both. Sadly, Sense International is losing their Director Carolyn Merry so the search is on to find a replacement. Congratulations to Andy Kerr in Scotland for being appointed as the new Chair of Quality Scotland and well done to our youth network for their Euro Disney trip. Thank you, Roxanna and Deafblind Ontario for recognising Shaun Gibbons from Sense with their fantastic award ‘Friends of Deafblind Ontario Services’. You can read this and much more in this Review.

With best wishes,

Gill Morbey

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